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Welcome to my world of intuitive Art

      Original Artwork of Svetlana Lana Popovic aka Lana Shivani                  



Life is full of mysteries

        My artwork is a collection of painted poems that aim to inspire your imagination. Through the use of brushstrokes and color, I invite you to explore the meaningful words of poems that are hidden within each silk scarf. The language I use can only be understood by the soul. If you view my artwork with the eyes of your soul, you will discover an ever-evolving piece that you will never tire of exploring.

 Meet the Artist

 Lana’s artistic journey

is a story of passion and transformation.

She was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia before moving to Bali, Indonesia for a scholarship program to study at the University of Art (ISI Denpasar). Despite having a Master’s degree in the Faculty of Culture and Media Management from Belgrade, her strong passion for Art led her to an adventure to study Art, Batik, Painting, and Dance at the University in Indonesia. There, she spent 7 years learning and studying from international artists from different corners of the world. During this time, Lana created her unique and expressive artistic style. 

In 2022, she created a brand that she named Lana Shivani, dedicated to her true passion: painting, hand-painted silk scarfs, jewelry, and her desire to help and support others. 

Lana’s artistic odyssey took her back to Belgrade, where she immersed herself in the world of Fine Art, opening a window into the soul and providing a chance for you to connect with your own inner intuition.

~ My Journey of Silk Art ~

Silk is delicate, beautiful, & bold. Each piece of my silk scarf has a story behind it and represents a poem painted in Silk. I`ve painted pieces of my soul in silk.

Hand – painted silk scarf 90x90cm 100% silk

Hand painted silk scarf 50x50cm 100% silk

Hand-painted silk scarf 50x50cm 100% silk

Hand – painted silk scarf 50x50cm 100% silk

Hand-painted silk scarf 90x90cm 100% silk

Hand painted silk scarf 50x50cm 100% silk


Lana Shivani is a brand created out of my wish to connect art, spirituality and to help others. My mission is to empower women of all generations with timeless, luxurious, authentic accessories and at the same time help women in need.

Lana Shivani brand has been created out of a deep calling to unite creativity to empower women to shine through authentic accessories and to give back and support.

Each creation is handmade with love.

My mission is also to inspire, motivate and help you to recognize your true nature and reconnect with your inner self and creativity with my mentorship program.

1:1 Mentorship program


Combination of different techniques to help you to overcome challenges, release blockages and fears, to find balance and peace within yourself.


This program is a perfect guide to help you with self-confidence, gain more freedom, deepen your trust, love, and expand your creativity in any field of your life.


Every career journey is specific and requires personalized support. If you found yourself in a transitional phase and you need guidance with your professional career or business this is a great start for you.

Circle of Queens

The essence of femininity
Available for online sessions
and in-person

Discover your true nature. Behind all these roles of being a mother, wife, daughter, good girl… which society has taught us to belong to femininity, lies the hidden spirit and true female strength.

My signature collection of Jewelry

” I firmly believe we can change the world only with words and acts of kindness and compassion.”

Free Consultation

I’m offering you 15 minutes free consultation where we can discuss and see if we can work together.
Please write as much information as possible If you need support in your career, developing your creativity, or in your personal journey and inner growth.


Ana Rajic, Croatia

‘The love and acceptance course with Lana was a wonderful experience full of warmth and pleasant guidance. We have met for the session online over a zoom meeting because we were at that particular moment in different countries. Still, I didn’t feel the distance; Lana created a whole-hearted, safe environment where we went through the process. Her voice made me feel very calm; the techniques she was using suited me and helped in healing. I will continue my sessions with Lana because even after just a few, I could feel the difference, my heart opened, my mind stabilized, and overall, my relationship with myself improved.’