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Awaken your spiritual essence

Hi, I’m Lana Shivani

I`m a spiritual life coach specializing in embodiment & wellness coaching. I`m also a dancer, a meditation and & yoga teacher, a Luna Reiki Master, a vegan coach, and a successful marketing manager. My goal is to encourage everyone to live and have a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


My mission is to help you recognize your true nature and reconnect with your inner self. To guide you to awaken your internal energy to overcome challenges and difficulties in life and have a more joyful, harmonious, and healthy lifestyle. To realize that the only space where true transformation can happen is within yourself.

Yes we can work it out


Combination of different techniques to help you to overcome challenges, release blockages and fears, to find balance and peace within yourself.


This program is a perfect guide to help you with self-confidence, gain more freedom, deepen your trust, love, and connections with loved ones..


An excellent guide to getting proper body nutrition, a healthy diet, conscious exercise, and personalized techniques toward your individual needs.

Circle of Queens

The essence of femininity
Available for online sessions
and in-person

Discover your true nature. Behind all these roles of being a mother, wife, daughter, good girl… which society has taught us to belong to femininity, lies the hidden spirit and true female strength.

Ask Lana Shivani

an intensive private program

I firmly believe we can change the world only with words and acts of kindness and compassion.

If you have some dilemma, question, or feeling that you were afraid of sharing even with your closest family members and friends. You need guidance, support, or just an opinion from someone who can see things from a different perspective, this is a perfect session for you.
In my Ask Lana Shivani sessions, together, we create a safe space to open up for personal questions that you have in your heart … I’ll be answering and giving you guidance and holistic support.

Free Session

I’m offering you 30 minutes free session where we can discuss and see if we fit together. We can talk about how to improve relationships with yourself, your partner, family member, or friend, have a better lifestyle, how to attract & manifest desired outcome, healthy food and detox, spirituality & embodiment, or something special in your heart.
Please write as much information as possible on the appointment form so that we can optimize our session..


Ana Rajic, Croatia

‘The love and acceptance course with Lana Shivani was a wonderful experience full of warmth and pleasant guidance. We have met for the session online over a zoom meeting because we were at that particular moment in different countries. Still, I didn’t feel the distance; Lana created a whole-hearted, safe environment where we went through the process. Her voice made me feel very calm; the techniques she was using suited me and helped in healing. I will continue my sessions with Lana because even after just a few, I could feel the difference, my heart opened, my mind stabilized, and overall, my relationship with myself improved.’