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Ever since I was a child, Art has been a significant part of my life.  As I enjoyed dancing and drawing, I quickly discovered that I could express myself not only through words, but also through painting and movement. I realized that the language of my soul was the poetry of movement and colors.

I had been teaching since 2013 in my home country and I developed a special dance technique, the yoga dance that I used in my wellness program. Later, I moved to a tropical island where I continued holding various wellness sessions for people from all over the world. I`m a passionate and an adventurous spirit who likes making positive changes and inspiring others.

Movement is my medium and my poetry. If a wave of energy comes, it must complete itself. Dancing with energy waves is the cosmic dance that moves the stars, deeply touches our souls and invites us on a journey towards our inner healing. During my journey, I have explored different types of dance such as classical, Latin , African and the one I discovered myself entirely in – flamenco.

Over time I realized that dancing could bring me to a different state of consciousness and I started doing yoga and meditation. I became a Reiki Master and I developed a specific dancing technique that combines elements of nature and meditation that I later named Ananda dance. I continued my journey by exploring the connection between dance and spirituality through Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms Dance of Gabrielle Roth, Mandala and many others.

That led me to Indonesia where I studied at University of Art and Culture, Indonesian Art, Dance and Batik painting. I was exploring the connection between Art and spirituality, eastern and western approaches to Art, lifestyle, crafts, management and spirituality. What is more, for almost two years, I had been living and learning from an enlightened spiritual teacher about Bioenergy mediation at his ashram in Bali, where I had the most profound experience and spiritual awakening. So far, I have discovered Indonesian martial arts, Pencak Silat and Satria Nusantara. Energy movement has become my main focus, as that is what I dedicated 7 years of learning and exploring in Asia to.

Regardless of my dedication and strong interest towards spiritually, dance and arts, I must say that this is not my profession but rather a beautiful hobby that I dedicated a lot of time, love and passion to. I hold a master’s degree in in Marketing Management and I have been working for over decade as a successful and recognized marketing manager.

I believe that in order to have a peaceful and a joyful life,we don`t have to give up on success, business or a demanding job. I believe that the right balance and guidance can help us live a harmonious, happy and healthy life.

After a long journey, I felt the need to share my knowledge and experience with all those who are ready to change, transform and grow.