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1:1 Mentorship Online Sessions

In my 1:1 Mentorship program, I`m holding a safe space for you to be who you truly are. You will feel at ease sharing your deepest truths, secrets, and dreams. I am here to show you your most beautiful sides, to help you to remember those parts of you that lie hidden, that you can invoke your talents and creativity to their full potential but also to hold a safe and sacred place for you to be vulnerable, raw and deeply honest to yourself. 

You are here to WALK the Path of remembrance of your true self, your Soul awakening. 

You FEEL the next level in your Life, Self – Love, and Leadership are so close. 

You DARE to shine and be yourself with all your talents. 

 And I am here to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

By choosing my 1:1 online mentorship program with me you are investing in yourself in so many ways in your well-being, spiritual and material growth, success, and connection with yourself and your beloved. 


Mentor – client relationship is one of the most important, heart-to-heart connections.

Sessions will be done online via Zoom. Once you book the sessions, you will receive a form (via email) with a list of questions that need to be filled before our session starts. This will be helpful for both of us to make sure our time during online sessions are effective

Self Love & Acceptance

Duration : 60 minutes

1:1 online sessions

Combination of different techniques to help you to overcome challenges, release blockages and fears that prevent you from success, to find balance and peace within yourself.

If you are ready to step deeper into your inner self-journey. Feel prepared to release some blockages or negative patterns that are bothering you for some time and embrace the deep trust, love, and beauty that exists within yourself. This is a great choice to start.

With different advanced techniques, we will open safe spaces.

What you will get:

  • More clarity within yourself means more awareness about your feelings, hidden thoughts, and which patterns block growth.
  • Confidence and trust in yourself that you can achieve anything you want no matter your current situation. You will understand the true power within yourself.
  • Feel lighter, encouraged, and ready to deepen your practice even more.
  • Learn how to turn your weaknesses and pain into your power.
  • Clarity about your strength.
  • Learn how to embrace what makes you unique and special.
  • Set goals, think positively, and plan ahead.

Unleash your creativity

Duration : 45 minutes

1:1 online sessions

Each of us has unique and special talents but because of busy lifestyles, daily obligations, and personal issues, many people don`t have time to slow down and take a look at what could be changed in a better and more creative way.

We could be creative in every area of our life, we could make beautiful art of ourselves, our relationships with others, and our works. If you are ready to discover your Inner Artist this program is perfect for you.

What you will   get:                                                                                    

  • .you will discover new things about yourself and the potential new talents that you have.
  • get more clarity in which direction you should go on your creative journey in general.
  • you will gain more confidence and shine the truth that will deepen and change your relationships with others in a more interesting way

  • you will feel motivated, inspired and ready to start something new and express yourself in a more honest and authentic way.



Discover your career purpose

Duration : 90 minutes

1:1 online sessions

Career coaching is the starting point for tapping and awakening the full potential in your job, business, or organization.

Conscious leadership and mentoring are crucial especially if you are in a transitional phase in your life. This program will guide you to find out what you truly love, discover your skills, and be in alignment with your career purpose. 

This program will help you to:


  • provide career advise and assist you with professional planning 
  • it will guide you to build your brand 
  • explore where you see yourself in current or new career options and opportunities 
  • find work-life balance and set personal boundaries 
  • finding your priorities in life and profession 
  • to find a job or career you love that is in alignment with who you truly are 
  • identify new strategies of how to develop and enhance your career and find your purpose of work 

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