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Online Sessions

 Sessions will be done online via Zoom and recorded for your documentation. Once you book the sessions, you will receive a form (via email) with a list of questions that need to be filled before our session starts. This will be helpful for both of us to make sure our time during online sessions are effective

Self Love & Acceptance

Duration : 60 minutes

Combination of different techniques to help you to overcome challenges, release blockages and fears that prevent you from success, to find balance and peace within yourself.

If you are ready to step deeper into your inner self-journey. Feel prepared to release some blockages or negative patterns that are bothering you for some time and embrace the deep trust, love, and beauty that exists within yourself. This is a great choice to start.

With different advanced techniques, we will open safe spaces.

What you will get:

  • More clarity within yourself means more awareness about your feelings, hidden thoughts, and which patterns block growth.
  • Confidence and trust in yourself that you can achieve anything you want no matter your current situation. You will understand the true power within yourself.
  • Feel lighter, encouraged, and ready to deepen your practice even more.
  • Learn how to turn your weaknesses and pain into your power.
  • Clarity about your strength.
  • Learn how to embrace what makes you unique and special.
  • Set goals, think positively, and plan ahead.

Love & Relationship Counseling

Duration : 45 minutes

Do you experience conflict with your partner, family, or friends? Do you have a problem you would like to overcome and share with each other to have equal respect and understanding without overreacting and too much drama?

All our problems with others can be very complex. We can use many different tools and techniques to help each other and overcome issues with our loved ones. In these sessions, we cut energetic cords that we had accumulated from the past
lovers, friends, or family members. We learn how to let go of the negativity inputted consciously and unsociable into us.

What you will   get:                                                                                    

  • Releasing negative patterns related to a particular person, more awareness and detachment of the real cause and issue.
  • Cutting energetic codes with past partners/friends of toxic family members.
  • Forgiving yourself and others will make you feel lighter, happier, and encouraged.
  • It will bring you more joy into your relationships and more openness and understanding, and you will attract more honest and authentic connections.



Rejuvenate body, mind & soul

Duration : 90 minutes

This is an excellent guide to get your body into perfect shape with proper nutrition, a healthy vegan diet, conscious exercise, and techniques personalized towards your individual needs.

Rejuvenating for body, mind & spirit is a beauty detox program in and out! Rejuvenate on a mental, physical, and emotional level. 

What you will get:

  • A recommendation of a vegan diet program, modified to your health and current physical condition.
  • System of conscious exercises including yoga asanas and fire yoga practice to awaken and stimulate sacred fire within.
  • Breathwork uses a specific method and combines different techniques to clean emotional levels.
  • Coaching and guidance motivate you and gain more self-confidence and clarity on a mental level.

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